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| This Site is Dedicated 2 my Father who died on June 21th, 2007 and my Mother who died on June 14th, 2009 - I Love U both!  |

| This Site is also Dedicated 2 Prince Rogers Nelson who died on April 21th, 2016 and 2 Mayte's & Prince's son Amiir who died on October 23, 1996  |

| "All 7 and we'll watch them fall" - "One day and all 7 will die" |

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  There is a park that is known
4 the face it attracts
Colorful people whose hair
On 1 side is swept back
The smile on their faces
It speaks of profound inner hpeace
Ask where they're going
They'll tell U nowhere
They've taken a lifetime lease
on Orange Park

- Originally from the Song “Paisley Park” from the Prince-Album "Around the World in a Day"